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Kemar Brown




        I’m Kemar Brown,  a freelance portrait and editorial photographer. For years, my goal has been to bring clients’ visions to life in the form of quality photos with a minimalistic, yet timeless feel.

        My work is mainly focused around capturing the emotion of a client or subject, Running  them from beginning to end in hopes of truly capturing not only what I am shooting as a whole, but the ephemeral feelings of that exact moment . 

       In my editorial work I focus in on different clothing, accessory and jewelry brands in the form of editorials, campaigns, look books, social media content etc. and worked on several mediums from digital to large print.


      While portraits, studio and fashion photography are my three main passions, you can often find me dabbling in food, street, and event photography. Getting lost in the great outdoors with my camera in hand whilst doing some landscape shots. I enjoy any form of shooting and hope you can see that translated in my work, indulging myself with learning as much as I can in my field and expending what I can offer too you. Please message me so we can talk further and work together in order to create. 

Let’s  Shoot

247-11 Francis Lewis Blvd.

New York, NY 11422

Tel: 646.504.0838

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