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The Discipline 

We have an obligation to assault the common place every chance we get!....From the seemly trivial question of what to wear, to the undeniably central responsibility of the way we carry ourselves as a people. To Stand out, thru a Christ imitative character we are striving unto our example of perfection.

Aritsu is more than just a name. It is a philosophy, the story behind the brand, and the people within it are held to it like a creed. We as people struggle to be good. As simple as that, This good we accomplish in many different ways but at the end of the day we all seek to be decent human beings. To look out for your family, look out for our friends, and to help strangers. Though we try it seems in this world we can only get as near as almost there. This is the journey that we all as humans embark on, hoping that our efforts will not only make us better people but will benefit and pay off in the end. We're not there yet but it's the fact that we will not give up, but rather keep on strong towards this goal that makes us who we are. We are almost there.

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